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Exhibitors Support Services by the Secretariat (excerpt)

exhibition in the order to expand the sales
participation in the "exhibition leverage Seminar" (Free)

Before about three months of the exhibition, We gatherings to exhibitors of executives and sales officer, will propose a variety of know-how in order to effectively utilize the exhibition, will be backup to expand your sales.

offer of exhibition invitation tickets (free)


The exhibition invitation tickets, we offer hope number of sheets, free of charge. In advance by sending not bear to your customers to the people of existing customers, prospects, you can get by connecting to attract customers to your booth.

VIP special invitation system (Free)


To take advantage of the "VIP special invitation", we can special invitation the key man of the important customers and large prospects are considering a deal in the future.

Benefits to
the VIP your guests
  • smooth your entrance to the venue
  • Free use of the VIP lounge

use of bar code systems (surcharge)

Visitors will be admission to the venue to carry a visitors badge with a bar code. Just read the bar code in the booth, we will deliver the data of the questionnaire content that visitors were registered after the exhibition. Can be efficiently data collection, we have a rental service of the bar code reader so that it can to help sales activities and customer management after the exhibition.

provides the venue "PR seminars by exhibitors" (fee required)

The secretariat will provide a seminar for PR and your products for a fee. Seminar content, schedule, posted such as the exhibition tickets, official website, we will broadly advance notice for the visitors.

dedicated staff can support the exhibitors preparation

Toward the session, dedicated support staff are happy to support to help you raise the exhibitors preparation and exhibitors achievements of your company. Consultation and exhibition decoration, the introduction of partner companies, are available upon consultation and other exhibitors preparation.


Nikanshimashite exhibitors of the exhibition, we have summarized the questions that asked the Secretariat.
Nikanshimashite other questions,
contact us from hereplease.


Although I want to do the exhibitors application?

Here exhibitors application form download We download from, please send to the Secretariat by e-mail or a FAX.

Do but will take some time to exhibitors decision, exhibitors of the reservation can be?

We accept your reservation, exhibition location of the reservation of the booth. Click hereif you contact than, Secretariat (TEL: 03-6273-0403) Please feel free to contact us. Regarding the determination of the exhibition location, it will be after the official exhibitors application, thank you for your decision as soon as possible.

there exhibitors is the deadline for?

Exhibitors deadline does not specify any particular date, will be the deadline as soon as all of the booth filled. Has received a favorable reception every year, it is almost sold out before 3 months session. We also recommend the application Contact Us · Contact as soon as possible in order to ensure the booth location and exhibitors area of your choice. With regard to the entire schedule hereplease visit.

the number of visitors?

The Regarding visitors mobilization activities carried out by the Secretariat here please visit.
With regard to the contents of the visitors here please visit.

How much expensive for the exhibitors?

It depends on the exhibition space area and exhibition methods, but you will need the following items.
For more information so that we can create for your quote contact us or visit, Secretariat (TEL: 03-6273-0403) Please feel free to request up to.

①exhibition space cost
※exhibitors costshererefer to.

②booth construction costs (construction costs, equipment, such as an electrical charge)
※such as rental package plan are available.

③sales promotion expenses (such as cataloging costs)


Do booth position choose to?

You can choose your exhibitors possible position from the availability of the latest booth. Where you'll find exhibitors according to the number of booths will be different. The latest free booth situation, here from the Contact Us or visit, Secretariat (TEL: 03-6273-0403) Please feel free to request up to.

Do the corner booth can be ensured?

    Securing of the corner booth at one booth we become first-come, first-served basis basket appointment. In the case of two or more booth of exhibitors long vacant corner booth, always happy to ensure. The latest free booth situation, here from the Contact Us or visit, Secretariat (TEL: 03-6273-0403) Please feel free to request up to.

how can hold their seminars in accordance with the time of the exhibition?

People of exhibitors we have you prepare your own perform seminar space.
We also cooperation in attracting visitors because it described the program to the invitation tickets and official website to create the Secretariat.
The seminar venue, so we align the equipment such as a microphone or a projector, please consider according to the exhibitors.
For more information hereplease visit.