Exhibition Outline

Exhibition Title SPORTEC for LEISURE&GAME
Date MAY 22nd [Wed] – 24th [Fri], 2019
Venue Tokyo Big Sight – West Hall
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan Access
Organized by TSO International Inc.


Mega sports events such as The Rugby World Cup 2019, The Tokyo Olympic / Paralympics in 2020,The World Masters Games 2021 Kansai will be held in Japan one after another. In addition, by increasing the sports participation rate of citizens, sports business will become a huge business exceeding 15 trillion yen in 2025.

1,This will be a business place to promote regional revitalization through sports.

Participants and fans from all over the world visit and holding sports tourism such as sightseeing and pre-training camps will increase more than ever by holding global sports events.To gain the event management knowledge and improve fun services, and improve the ease of access to the stadium and arena are becoming important point since the movement of the peoples are more activated due to holding pro-sports event and sports competition.This exhibition is for a business meeting that supports regional revitalization in sports business.

2,This is an opportunity to achieve concrete result for sports facility building and operation.

Reform of the stadium & arena is urgent issue for the development of sports in Japan.Various stadiums and arenas are constructed in Japan by 2025, and the renovation of sports facilities will be promoted nationwide.IT and production equipment for entertaining stadiums and arenas that fans can enjoy, facility management and member management system that local residents can enjoy as a symbol of the city, playground and ground facilities to raise the participation rate of regional sports, are gathering at this business trading show.

3,This is a place to exchange information for activating professional and amateur sports.

In order to revitalize the sports market, not only “DO sports” like fitness and running, but also “WATCH sports” such as receiving sensation from professional, university sports, and/or local sports, and also “SUPPORT sports” such as to provide an environmental arrangement and empathy with the team policy, are becoming important. This exhibition is a special exhibition that supports the team management by disseminating state-of-the-art information such as fan service and production service for revitalization, fund procurement method and successful cases in Europe and the United States.

Number of Exhibitors/Visitors


Exhibitors/Visitors Profile


  • Sports Facility, Equipment,Machine
  • Equipment for Leisure Activities/Park Equipment
  • Construction/Designing/Consulting
  • CRM/Member Management System
  • Facilities of Audio/Lighting/Staging
  • Facility and Equipment for Event
  • Sports Commission/Sports Group
  • Novelty Goods
  • ICT Machine/Service
  • Event Planning and Operating,etc.

Business Meetings

  • Consultation for Introduction Sports & Leisure Equipment and Tournament
  • Consultation for Stadium Arena Facility Management/Operation
  • Meeting for Introduction of Sports Equipment and Machine
  • Requesting for Renovation, Repair Services, and Additional Sports Equipment
  • Suggesting for Using a Staging Equipment and ICT Machine
  • Consultation for Attracting the Guests and the Fan Club
  • Estimate and Ordering of Fan Goods and Services


  • Stadium Arena Facility Manager
  • Sports Facility Manager
  • Professional Sports Group/League
  • Sports Association/Sports Club
  • Entertainment/Event Plan Company
  • Government Offices/Local Government
  • Tourism Group/Tourism Company
  • General Contractor/Building Design Office
  • University / School/ Learning Center
  • Park/Outdoor Leisure Activity Facility Manager
  • Any Person Involved in Sport

Floor Map