Specialized Exhibition
of Facility Planning
and Operation Support
for Sports Stadium & Arena


Exhibition Name Specialized Exhibition of Facility Planning and Operation Support for Sports Stadium & Arena
Date December 1, 2021 (Wednesday), 2 (Thursday), 3 (Friday)
10:00~18:00(Last 17:00)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight
Organized by SPORTEC Executive Committee
Admission Fee ¥ 2,000
  • ※ Admission fee will be free for visitors who registered though the pre-registration, attend seminars or have the invitation ticket
  • ※ Special invitation tickets are distributed free of charge to business related persons and the media.
Visitor Registration Information

Bring an invitation ticket or advance registration is required to enter
This exhibition is for the business-related persons in the industry to negotiate with buyer.

A visitor is required to bring invitation ticket or visitor badge to enter this exhibition. The show management office recommends to register though the pre-registration site in advance to get your visitor badge not to wait long line at the registration counter at the venue. After you registered though the pre-registration site, log in to “My Page” which is noted in the reply e-mail sent from the show management office, print out your visitor badge, and submit it at the registration counter. If you have an invitation ticket, you need to register the registration counter. The visitor badge can use it for 3days to enter the exhibition. If you are attending more than one person, you will need an invitation ticket for each person or register all persons in your group though the pre-registration site to enter the exhibition. The visitor badge can only use for registered person. If you do not have an invitation ticket or register though the pre-registration site in advance, an entrance fee of 2,000 yen will be required to enter.

Please submit 2 business cards he registration counter even if you have invitation ticket or register though the pre-registration site in advance. Those who do not have a business card, general visitors, students, or those who are not recognize to be related parties at the registration counter, please pay the entrance fee (¥ 2,000) at the registration counter to enter. * You may be required to show your ID card (license, insurance card, passport, other ID card).


  • Equipment/Machine for Sports Facility
  • Equipment for Leisure Activity/Park Equipment
  • Construction/Designing/Consulting
  • CRM/Member Management System
  • Facility of Audio/Lighting/Staging
  • Facility and Equipment for Event
  • Sports Commission/Sports Group
  • Novelty Goods
  • ICT Machine/Service
  • Event Planning and Operating

Business Meetings

  • Consultation for Introduction Sports &Leisure Equipment and Tournament
  • Consultation for Stadium Arena Facility Management/Operation
  • Meeting for Introduction of Sports Equipment and Machine
  • Requesting for Renovation, Repair Services, and Additional Sports Equipment
  • Suggesting for Using a Staging Equipment and ICT Machine
  • Consultation for Attracting the Guests and the Fan Club
  • Estimate and Ordering of Fan Goods and Services


  • Stadium Arena Facility Manager
  • Sports Facility Manager
  • Professional Sports Group/League
  • Sports Association/Sports Club
  • Entertainment/Event Plan Company
  • Government Offices/Local Government
  • Tourism Group/Tourism Company
  • General Contractor/Building Design Office
  • University/School/Learning Center
  • Park/Outdoor Leisure Activity Facility Manager
  • Any Person Involved in Sport

Sponserd / Cooperation Organization by
(Included Currently Applying)

  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • Japan Sports Agency
  • Japan Tourism Agency
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • Japan Sports Health Industries Federation
  • Japan Sports Facility Association
  • Fitness Industry Association of Japan
  • Japan Top League Alliance
  • Arena Sports Committee
  • Japan health Promotion Fitness Foundation
  • Japan Sport Council
  • Japan Professional Sports Association
  • Japan Sport Association
  • Japan Federation of Health & Sports
  • Japanese Para-Sports Association
  • Japan Sport Olympic Square
  • Japan Golfrange Association
  • Japanese Sport Facility Constructor's Association
  • Japan School of Physical Education Research Association
  • Japan Health Promotion & Fitrness Foundation 2000
  • National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition
  • Japan Swimming Club Association
  • Japan Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association
  • Japan Sports Club Association
  • Sasakawa Sports Foundation
  • Japan PFI
  • PPP Association
  • Japan Fitness Association
  • Japan Pool Amenity Association
  • Japan Recreation Association
  • The Association of Physical Fitness Promotion & Guidance
  • Japan Cycling Association
  • Japan Sport Olympic Square
  • Tokyo Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association
  • Kansai Sporting Goods Industrial Assciation
  • Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
  • Japan Society of Sports Industry
  • Japan Tennis Industry Association
  • Japan Golf Association
  • Japan Golf Goods Association
  • Japan Public Golf Society
  • Japan Triathlon Union
  • Japan Judo Therapist Association
  • Japan esports Union
  • Japan Facility Management Association
  • Japan Sportsmanship Association
  • Japan Volleyball Assonciation
  • Nippon Professional Baseball Organization
  • Japan Softball Association
  • National Football Association
  • Japan Volleyball League Organization
  • The Japan Home-Health Apparatus Industrial Association
  • Association of Japan Relaxation Industry
  • World YURU Sports Association
  • All Nippon Travel Agents Association
  • Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO)


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