Specialized Exhibition
of Facility Planning
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SPORTEC gather visitors and exhibitors from all over the world.
SPORTEC is the largest sport exhibition in Asia.


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The followings are frequently asked questions regarding visit to exhibition.
If you have any other questions, please contact us from here.


How we can visit to exhibition?

Bring an invitation ticket or advance registration is required to enter
This exhibition is for the business-related persons in the industry to negotiate with buyer.

A visitor is required to bring invitation ticket or visitor badge to enter this exhibition. The show management office recommends to register though the pre-registration site in advance to get your visitor badge not to wait long line at the registration counter at the venue. After you registered though the pre-registration site, log in to “My Page” which is noted in the reply e-mail sent from the show management office, print out your visitor badge, and submit it at the registration counter. If you have an invitation ticket, you need to register the registration counter. The visitor badge can use it for 3days to enter the exhibition. If you are attending more than one person, you will need an invitation ticket for each person or register all persons in your group though the pre-registration site to enter the exhibition. The visitor badge can only use for registered person. If you do not have an invitation ticket or register though the pre-registration site in advance, an entrance fee of 2,000 yen will be required to enter.

Please submit 2 business cards he registration counter even if you have invitation ticket or register though the pre-registration site in advance. Those who do not have a business card, general visitors, students, or those who are not recognize to be related parties at the registration counter, please pay the entrance fee (¥ 2,000) at the registration counter to enter. * You may be required to show your ID card (license, insurance card, passport, other ID card).

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How many persons allowed to enter with one invitation ticket?

Only one person is valid per invitation ticket. If you come as a group, all persons in your group require to hold an invitation ticket one each.
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Do I need to submit an invitation ticket for each entry on the different days?

No, once you register at the registration counter, it will be valid for 3 days during the exhibition. The scale of this exhibition is huge, so recommend that you visit in two or three days.

Can I bring children?

This exhibition is for a business purpose, so anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to enter this exhibition. Children under elementary school age does not required an invitation ticket if only to enter with their parents. In unavoidable situation, please be sure the child accompanied by guardian. If you need a nursing room or changing diapers, please use the facilities available at Tokyo Big Sight. In addition, we will not be paging children who are lost at all, as it will hinder the seminar progress of this exhibition and business negotiations.
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How can I get to exhibition venue?

Please check the access page to the venue on the website.
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Is there a parking space nearby? How much is it?

Please use the general parking space of Tokyo Big Sight.
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Do you provide letters of invitation to visitors for visa application purposes?

Due to the show management policy, we are unable to provide letters of invitation to visitors for visa application purposes.

All visitors must arrange their own visas to travel to Japan. Please contact your nearest Japanese consulate for further advice or please check here.