Largest exhibition
of Sports & Health Industry
in West Japan


Exhibition Name Professional exhibition of sporting goods, equipment and health equipment and health foods
sports and health industry Comprehensive Exhibition
Kai-life November 20, 2019 (Wed) to 22 (Friday) 3 days
10: 00-17: up to 30 ※ last day 16:30
Venue Intex Osaka (Osaka City Suminoe-ku, Nankokita 1-5-102)
Organized by SPORTEC WEST Executive Committee(TSO International Co.,
Special cooperation
(in no particular order)
Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Sports Commission Kansai / sporting goods wholesale trade association / Kansai Sports Goods Industry Cooperative
Supported by
(in no particular order)
  • Sports Authority
  • Tourism Agency
  • Osaka prefecture
  • Osaka City
  • The Japan Fitness Industry Association
  • Osaka Foundation Tourism Bureau
  • Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Kansai Economic Federation
  • Kansai Union
  • Foundation World Masters Games 2021 Kansai Organizing Committee
  • Institute Kansaikeizaidoyukai
  • Japan Institute Home Health Equipment Association
  • The Japan Sports Tourism Promotion Organization
  • Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Institute of Health and Sports Industry Federation
Held content Exhibitions, specialized seminars, technical workshops, industry exchange party
admission fee ¥2,000(including tax) ※special invitation bring person is free
  • ※special invitation bring person is free
  • ※provide required number free of charge a special invitation to the exhibitors
  • ※Free distribution of the special invitation to the national main subject and related persons and mass media
Attendance method

Invitations Bring or pre-registration system
exhibition, making it a buyer negotiation exhibition for the industry participants.

The entrance to the exhibition will be required attendance certificate. We have a pre-registration, after login from the reply mail sent from the Secretariat to my page, please you have to accept and print out the attendance certificate. Even if you just have an invitation, you must have admission registration at the reception. Once issued by the visitors certificate We use as admission batch, it will enable your admission for three days. When have you coming with more than one person, so you will need a number of people in attendance certificate, please register by always one person. Please note that other than the person of your registered is not available. If you do not Itadakanai you have an invitation, you will need a separate admission registration fee of 2,000 yen.

Invitation, you will need two business cards at the reception on the pre-registration for both.
Those who do not have a business cards, in general, for students (tour), or who has not been determined that the officials at the reception, the entrance fee at the reception desk (¥ 2,000) over the payment, your admission Please give me.
※ identification (driver's license, insurance card, passport, other ID card) There is also possible to ask for your presentation.


The following products and services
company that handled

  • Sporting goods, health equipment
  • Fitness machine, program
  • Sports-related services
  • Arena gymnasium ground equipment and fixtures
  • Diet Equipment Service
  • Supplements, health foods
  • Health and beauty appliances such as

Negotiation content

  • Sports, health, supplies and equipment and equipment orders
  • Sports and fitness business category development requests
  • Partner agency selection
  • Comparison by real demo
  • RFQ and introduction consultation

Visitors subjects

  • Sports-related companies
  • Sports facility management companies
  • Retail and distribution businesses
  • Wholesale and wholesale
  • School, professional school
  • Sports organizations and sports associations
  • Such as for the elderly facilities and service providers


  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
  • Sports Authority
  • Tourism Agency
  • Tokyo
  • Institute Arena Sports Council
  • Foundation Health and physical training business Foundation
  • Healthy Japan 21 Promoting the National Council
  • National Research and Development Institute of Biomedical base and Health and Nutrition Research Institute
  • Public Interest Incorporated Team All Japan golf driving range Federation
  • Japan Institute sports facilities Construction Association
  • Japan School Physical Education Research Association Foundation
  • Foundation Japan Health and Sports Federation
  • The persons Sports Association for the disabled Nippon Foundation
  • The Japan Swimming Club Association
  • The Japan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association
  • Foundation Japan Sports Club Association
  • National Institute of Japan Sports Promotion Center
  • The Japan Society of Physical Education
  • Foundation Japan Sports Association
  • Japan Physical Fitness Medicine Institute
  • NPO Japan PFI · PPP Association
  • Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan Fitness Association
  • Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan pool amenities Association
  • Foundation Japan Professional Sports Association
  • Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
  • Foundation Japan Recreation Association
  • Foundation physical strength to make guidance Association
  • Foundation Japan Cycling Association
  • Public Interest Incorporated Team Japan National Sports Promotion Committee Union
  • Tokyo Sports Goods Industry Cooperative
  • Institute national travel Dealers Association
  • Foundation Sasakawa Sports Foundation
  • Japan Institute Home Health Equipment Association
  • Japan Society of Sports Industry
  • The Japan relaxation Dealers Association
  • Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan Tennis Industry Association
  • The Japan Golf Management Association
  • The Japan Golf Equipment Association
  • Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan Public Golf Association
  • Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan Triathlon Union
  • Kansai Sports Goods Industry Cooperative
  • Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan Judo Association
  • Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra corporation b.league
  • World Institute loose Sports Association
  • People's Republic of China Ambassador Embassy of Japan