Largest exhibition
of Sports & Health Industry
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Nikanshimashite exhibitors of the exhibition, we have summarized the questions that asked the Secretariat.
Nikanshimashite other questions,
contact us from hereplease.


How do I admission?

Invitations Bring or pre-registration system

exhibition, making it a buyer negotiation exhibition for the industry participants.

The entrance to the exhibition will be required attendance certificate. We have a pre-registration, after login from the reply mail sent from the Secretariat to my page, please you have to accept and print out the attendance certificate. Even if you just have an invitation, you must have admission registration at the reception. Once issued by the visitors certificate We use as admission batch, it will enable your admission for three days. When have you coming with more than one person, so you will need a number of people in attendance certificate, please register by always one person. Please note that other than the person of your registered is not available. If you do not Itadakanai you have an invitation, you will need a separate admission registration fee of 2,000 yen.

Invitation, you will need two business cards at the reception on the pre-registration for both.
Those who do not have a business cards, in general, for students (tour), or who has not been determined that the officials at the reception, the entrance fee at the reception desk (¥ 2,000) over the payment, your admission Please give me.
※identification (driver's license, insurance card, passport, Individual Number Card, other ID card) There is also possible to ask for your presentation. Tickets of your claim here

How many people entrance with a single tickets?

Single tickets per valid only for one person. If you are visiting in the multiple name, you must have the number of people of tickets. Tickets of your claim here

I want to visitors over a period of several days of the three-day, do I need every day tickets?

there is no need. If it is possible to visitors registration Once at the reception, will be valid for three days during the exhibition. Since the exhibition of the scale is huge, by all means, for two days, it is recommended to visitors in three days.

Can I be in with children?

Since the exhibition will be a business show, your admission of persons under 18 years of age are not accepted. Elementary school students and younger are, as long as the admission of the parents like, tickets are not required. Unavoidably sure your Child-friendly, thank you parents like accompanied. If you will need such as nursing room and diaper changing, please use the facilities located in the Intex Osaka. It should be noted, and interfere with the exhibition of seminars progress, it will be in the way of negotiations, your calls, such as lost child does not perform any. Please note. Intex Osaka facilities here

How do I go up to the exhibition hall?

Please check the access page to the venue. Intex access to Osaka is here.

Is there a parking lot nearby? How much is it?

Please use the Intex Osaka general parking. Intex Osaka parking guide is here.

Can I use a courier service from the exhibition hall?

At the time of the event held at the west gate in the Information Center next to the baggage counter, it is accepted. In addition, it is also available, such as a temporary counter window installation and luggage pick-up to the event held No. Museum. Intex Osaka your guide is here.